Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Let's hear it for the girl!

Resipiscent is finally finished! Yippee! And, it's just in time for New Orleans. This meant a lot of multi-tasking this past weekend, but all the work was more than worth it, because it's finally finished, and I'm very pleased with the finished product. I'm leaving for New Orleans on Thursday morning for a reading there on Thursday night with my friends and fellow poets Randy Prunty, who is pushing his book from Lavender Ink, and Zac Denton. I'm excited to be performing poetry in the same space with them again, as it's an event that won't be happening as often any more, since I'm no longer doing that with them on a regular basis.

Here's a poem from _resipiscent_, just to give a preview. If you're interested in reading more, please let me know, and I'd be happy to share!

(adj. of or relating to the day before yesterday)

optimal listening
powers create
queer outcomes
reality is only
sometimes sugges
ted but tr
uth is constructed anyway, kinda like that new house
vertically across from yours
with the four bedrooms &
x-number of baths
you know how important things like that are. . . even the
zebra knows when he enters the
asking place for forgiveness of
c o n S t r u c t i o n:
deliver us from
evil &
find us on the other side of the
golden fountain
how does one find
just around the corner—li
ke i said: <<
laissez-faire is everywhere>>
mention that to the wrong person & k
now what it’s like

Thanks for reading.


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