Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Afghans

In this year of knitting afghans, I've slowed down a bit. Well, truth be told, I've come to a screeching halt! (Did you hear it?) I won't be reaching my goal of knitting afghans for most of the people on my Christmas list. I'd better think of a new plan. I have a good excuse, though. I moved at the end of July which took up a LOT of time and continues to do so, and I wrote some poetry, as I mentioned earlier, and I've been doing some other mental health-oriented stuff. Oh, yeah, and there's the jewelry, which I can write more about later.

I have knitted two afghans recently, as my step-sister is about to have a daughter, and a friend of mine just had a baby boy. So, I've made two teeny-tiny afghans. The neat thing about these is that they can be finished within a few days! The one for my step-sister is a hooded blanket in pink, and the other has a chevron pattern in a variegated blue. I've made both before, but I like them both, so I was interested in doing them again. I'm not sure why I'm so attached to the idea of a hooded blanket, but alas, I am! I'm not ever sure how useful they are, but I just like them!

I'm wanting projects these days that are quick. I can't help it. I find that with having to decorate a new home in the midst of work and other endeavors, both fun and not-so-fun, I want my projects to be quick and dirty, as they say. Although, I'm itching to make another big afghan. I'm not sure what pattern I want to do this time. I feel behind in my work (and I just this moment remembered that I still haven't finished afghan #3--oops! Maybe I need to get cracking on that one!)

More later.

Thanks for reading.