Friday, November 23, 2007

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Last weekend, ha-ha-ha! I became a certified laughter yoga leader, ha-ha-ha! What a fantastic weekend I had, ha-ha-ha! If you are not familier with laughter yoga, I strongly recommend you trying out a class, ha-ha-ha! Many classes are free, or require a nominal fee in order to help pay rental of the space. I'm hoping to be able to offer have a club set up soon, ha-ha-ha! There's a link to a laughter yoga web site from this page.

In addition to being just plain good fun, laughter is great for your health, ha-ha-ha! The club that I've been attending has been such a welcome experience for me. I can remember leaving one session and going to dinner with a good friend of mine. All through the evening, I stopped conversation, smiled, and said, "I feel so good right now! My body feels great!" Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The next day was the trip to New Orleans that I've mentioned before. I broke into fits of laughter during the entire drive to New Orleans! Ha-ha-ha! Now, I have the gift of laughter every day, even by myself! Ha-ha-ha! Such a simple gift....

When I am able to offer this simple gift to others, I will post on here when I'm doing so. I have tentative plans to have a laughter yoga club when I am up in Rhode Island/Connecticut for Christmas. Stay tuned!

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